The Elfking Story

 The "Elfking Story" began in 1972 with a visit to the Royal Easter Show.  I was quite taken with the Charlies [King Charles Spaniels] but at that time was unable to purchase one so settled on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel instead. He was a tricolour dog called Maurwyn Mountaineer "Snuff" being his pet name.  Un-beknown to me he was quite unsuitable to show, however I somehow caught the show-bug and persisted, despite a very vocal dog who was most difficult to show. We must have been very entertaining to watch.

I then acquired another tricolour called Ananda Capella who I mated to a lovely imported dog in WA called Ch. Tanah Trelawney. They produced my first ever Elfking Champion born in 1975 - CH. Elfking Lady Arwen.  Saturday mornings would see us at the Railway station catching a train off to one of the local shows. Not having a car never stopped me attending shows, such was my love of showing and comittment to the sport. While Lady Arwen was great to show, she was Barren and never produced any offspring.  I then bought in two lovely bitches from New Zealand - Chelsea Lass of Mutiara and Vanessa of Mutiara from good English imported lines. That was the start we needed for Elfking.

In retrospect I think the two greatest dogs I've ever bred were Champion Elfking Corky Biggles and Champion Elfking Paddy O Reilly. "Corky" had the greatest Character and was a wonderful Showdog.  He was small in size, had a 'stand-out' temperament and the largest, dark eyes. Eyes have always been important to me in Cavaliers. Sadly Corky died from Pneumonia at just 6 years old.  Paddy O Reilly was the best moving dog I think I've ever seen. He was heavily marked but had a lovely coat and moved around the ring magnificently. He was shown to his title by Sam Axiak and Les Bradney. Les showed Paddy through to Best in Group two days Running at the Spring Fair - a wonderful feat.

I think Champion Elfking Mickey Mouse deserves a mention also.  He was the beginning of my wholecolour lines and had the most wonderful temperament. He loved fetching balls, and if there was no ball around he would find something similar to play with. I had a lemon tree in the garden and if there was no ball to be found, Mickey would pick a lemon for me to throw. Whenever I think of Mickey, it is standing out in the yard with a lemon in his mouth.

I would say my favourite girls have been Ch. Pascavale Minogue (Imp UK), Elfking Tootsie Mouse,  [who had the most beautiful outline,] Elfking Jacobin Romance and Champion Elfking Mrs Tunnicliff. 

Imports: I have imported some lovely dogs over the years but the one that comes to mind as a special favourite is Champion Aranel The Hobbit (Imp UK) "Bilbo". What a wonderful dog he was and his offspring have done him proud. Bilbo was a cheeky boy...a lovely typical toy Spaniel. He had a most gorgeous head and disposition with the sweetest temperament one could wish for. Bilbo had a good sound heart but sadly succumbed to a Stroke at 10 years old.  Champion Pascavale Minogue (Imp UK) also was a wonderful type and was a great producer for me. A top bitch..

I have had the privilege of being able to source some excellent bloodlines in the UK to breed with over the years and as such have never desired to keep those lines to myself. Whenever able I have been more than happy to share those bloodlines with others and have happily sold many nice dogs to those who wanted a nice show dog and those starting out in the Sport of Dog Showing. 

I am also most grateful to those who have titled dogs for me over the years, especially Sam Axiak who has proven to be a great friend and without whom I would not have had the success in the show-ring that I have had. Failing health in recent years has meant I have had to watch the dogs from the Ringside, but I have had the help of some wonderful people who have shown my dogs for me. A recent thrill has been a couple of Grand Champions for Elfking. Grand Champion Elfking Sam I Am and Grand Champion Elfking Imogene Porridge. Grateful thanks to Philippa Micklem, Matmor Cavaliers and Sue Donahue & Bob Boyce for showing these lovely dogs through to their Grand Championship Titles.

The Elfking Story is far from over, with many Kennels in Australia overseas featuring our Cavaliers in the lines of their dogs.  Exhibitors are still showing Elfking Dogs and it pleases me to see we are still doing well when I see the show results.  I feel our dogs have had a significant influence on the breed in Australia, and I have been lucky to have imported some wonderful dogs and bitches who have produced such great type in my dogs. I don't get to as many shows these days but am still committed to breeding nice dogs when I can. It is a pleasure to see many of the dogs around today have some Elfking Blood back in their lines.  So Elfking lives on through the children, grandchildren and Great grandchildren of our dogs. I think this is something I can feel justly proud of.


A more recent addition to the kennels is a lovely, typey French Bulldog called "Trudy".  She was purchased to be the foundation of our Frenchie line and has recently presented us with a superb litter of five lovely brindle puppies - 2 of which will be for sale.  As with our Cavaliers, our aim is to source the best bloodlines and to breed lovely dogs that are true to type. Inquiries regarding our Frenchies are welcome.








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