Elfking French Bulldogs

Elfking French Bulldogs.


Stop Press: Brindle Frenchie pups available!


We are very excited to have been able to add this wonderful breed to our already established Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kennels. French Bulldogs are relatively new to Australia but already are gaining in popularity due to their wonderful, friendly natures and endearing good looks.

Some names they are known by are "Frenchies, Frog Dogs & Bouledogue Francoise".  As a breed they do not have high maintenance coats, they won't want to be your jogging companion, and definitely are not an outdoors dog that will want to be left alone while you are at work. They do however love companionship, do well in an apartment and will fit in well with the family being an indoors dog. They love going for short to moderate walks, but not for kilometres.

Frenchies have a happy, sociable nature.  They love everyone, but especially their owner. They get on well with other pets and are social animals. Because they are a Brachycephalic (short faced) breed, they puff and pant a bit, and don't like the hot weather. If you have a swimming pool, you will want to make sure your Frenchie doesn't have access to it on it's own. It's top heavy frame makes it difficult to swim and it can drown. These dogs have the funniest, individual ways and have a great understanding of what you are saying. They are very smart dogs, but need patience in training.

 A Frenchie is one of the most delightful of breeds to own and each one has it's own character and funny ways that will endear it to you. Like all breeds they do have their own set of health issues which it is prudent to make yourself familiar with before committing to acquiring one.

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